200 watt solar power system with 800/1600 watt inverter


$399.00 $349.00


200 watt flexible solar panel (2 100 watt panels) 

20 amp PWM charge controller

800/1600 watt quality 12v to 110V inverter

1 cable set

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Your order will arrive in 2 shipments  , direct from the suppliers and factory

shipping times vary, figure 20 to 25 days



200 watt solar system, with 20 amp controller and quality 800/1600 watt inverter

  • can run lights, charge phone,laptop, fan
  • Great for camping, auto, backup
  • + small tools
  • small cabins, RVs , remote electronics

This is a easy to assemble system, with high quality  TESTED components.

Please do not be fooled by cheap look alike products, Our Solar panels and inverters put out full rated power.

Custom configurations available, Email       Doctorgig@hotmail.com

Fast Email Support

In addition to good online instructions our techs will give Individuals help on there projects This service alone is worth more then the cost of the systems

200 watt solar power system with 800/1600 watt inverter
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