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Solar power does not have to be complex or expensive

Why Choose SimpleSolar ?

Some Awesome features of SimpleSolar

Complete systems (minus Battery)

Our simple solar systems come with Everything needed to get you going Including an inverter to give you 110v Power

Fast Email support

In addition to good online instructions our techs will give Individuals help on there projects This service alone is worth more then the cost of the systems

Low cost

By having the manufacturer ship directly to you, we keep costs down for both you and us .. A win , win for everyone!

Tested Products

There is allot of junk out on the market. At SimpleSolar we offer products that we personally test. Obtaining the highest quality at the lowest price point...

Systems & Pricing

Choose the system that is Right for you


100 Watt Solar panel, 10 Amp PWM charge controller 400\800 Watt inverter

  • can run lights, charge phone,laptop, fan
  • Great for camping, auto, backup

249$ Free Shipping


200 Watt Solar panel, 20 Amp PWM charge controller 800\1600 Watt inverter

  • + small tools
  • small cabins, RVs , remote electronics

345$ Free Shipping


300 Watt Solar panel, 20 Amp charge controller 2000\4000 Watt inverter

  • + Large tools , small refrigerator

545$ Free Shipping


Hear what they have to say about Us!

"I am using a SimpleSolar system to power my RV. I had no trouble getting it to work. Now I have power with out running the generator"
Maria Swartzki
"Running a small cabin with there Best system and an additional panel. I used there Email support for help "
Terry Henderson
"Finding SimpleSolar helped my family finally get off the grid even there smallest system was so much better then the NO power we had before."
Martina Henks
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