To Build or Buy?

The choice to build a system or to buy a complete solution depends on allot of factors. How much money do you have? How much skill do you have or want to learn? Are you trying to be off grid or is this a grid tie system? how important is portability?

If you are building a Grid Tie system, you really are forced to hire a professional, as your local building codes will certainly demand it.

Off Grid you can DYI it, or buy it. in my opinion up to about a thousand dollar budget I would suggest buying one of the pre made “solar Generators” {bad name in my opinion} and 1 or two solar panels. there are many quality products, I have good experiences with both Jackery and Blueeddie . there 500 series products pack allot of bang for the buck.

Next is a very good comparison……

Search terms to use.

solar power station

portable power station

Solar power for us